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Jiu jitsu, man, It’s more than what it first appears to be. To the untrained eye that sees grown men lying on each other for minutes at a time in sexually suggestive positions wearing karate kid clobber, it looks like a homoerotic toe tickling borefest. But to anyone who’s spent at least a good couple … [Read more…]

Fight or Match?

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Is BJJ a fight, or a match? 

I imagine that as soon as you all see this, an answer will pop into your head. In my case, the answer IS simple too… but my discussion is more so aimed at WHY we sometimes need clarify this point. BJJ is a match. Physical chess. 2 people … [Read more…]

The BJJ referee

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As with any job or task, there are pros and cons. Some have more pros than others, some have more cons, and in my experience the role of BJJ referee can very easily fall into the latter. I have varied experience in terms of being on the other side of the BJJ competition process. I … [Read more…]