Roll Models 11


We are pleased to announce the dates for our next White/Blue belt competition and this time we have Gi and No-Gi and for the first time selected youth divisions. Registration open here. Roll Models 11 is scheduled for October 19/20th. Our tournament will again be open to White and Blue belt competitors featuring a modified … [Read more…]


leg lock submission

Photo J H Tan Now, some of you may feel enthused to think about this topic. Some may feel bored of the discussion. Some may feel they have no place in an individual’s training, or at least up until a certain point. My own experience has been varied within exposure to leglocks. My training began … [Read more…]

Favourite Technique

triangle choke

Photo credit J H Tan Favourite technique So, I am sure that 95% of you who are currently reading this, will easily have a technique pop into your head. There may be a few of you, who are still quite early on in your BJJ journey. There may be those who are genuinely yet to … [Read more…]