Passing the Sofa Guard

sofa guard

They say the hardest belt move you’ll ever make is leather to White; to convince yourself to give it a go, and dive straight into the unknown. The physical steps involved in stepping outside of the routine you’ve carved for yourself, always seem to be the most arduous. You’ve walked that path so many times, … [Read more…]

How to deal with your first tournament nerves

Dealing with tournament nerves and bad results is something EVERY single competitor has to deal with. Check out this video from the excellent Chewjitsu who explains experience can trump all. He also explains some practical steps that you can try to overcome anxiety in the video below that. Registration for our next tournament is open … [Read more…]

Roll Models 10

roll models 10 flyer

BRACKETS AND LOCATION PLUS FAQ’S FOR THIS EVENT ARE NOW RELEASED HERE Roll Models 10 Gi is scheduled for July 28th. Our tournament will again be open to White and Blue belt competitors featuring a modified Ibjjf ruleset and Super fights at higher belts. Registration open via this link. Single early entry just £24.50 Over … [Read more…]