Grapplefest 11 videos

We caught up with a number of athletes after an amazing Grapplefest show. Check out our youtube channel for interviews with Dante Leon, Mikey Musumeci, John Hansen, Jacob Couch, Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies. please like and subscribe 🙂 Link to full playlist below

Roll Models 16


We are pleased to announce the date for our next White/Blue belt competition including gi and no-gi divisions Roll Models 16 is scheduled for April 24th. Our tournament will again be open to White and Blue belt competitors featuring a modified Ibjjf ruleset and Super fights at higher belts. Registration open now via this link. … [Read more…]

Mikey Musumeci Seminar

We are delighted to welcome 5x World Champion Mikey Musumeci for a seminar March 1st 7pm. Pay £52.50 via Paypal to confirm your place. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from someone at the pinnacle of the sport!