Roll Models 13 brackets

Please find the link to Roll Models 13 (September 19th) brackets here. Doors and weigh-ins open from 9am, you weigh in once (without the Gi) for all divisions. Brackets are subject to change due to pullouts etc. Make sure you weigh in at least an hour before your scheduled bracket takes place, we may run … [Read more…]

Marc Goddard seminar mini-highlight

Submission grappling seminar with Marc Goddard. As well as one of the worlds most respected mma referees, Marc Goddard is also a lifelong martial artist, former mma fighter, wrestler and BJJ black belt under Braulio Estima.

Roll Models 14

rm 14

We are pleased to announce the date for our next White/Blue belt competition including gi and no-gi divisions. Registration open here. After selling out RM13 so quickly we decided to offer those that missed out a chance to compete with us with a quick turnaround. Roll Models 14 is scheduled for October 17th. Our tournament … [Read more…]