Roll Models 7 Brackets

Brackets for Roll Models 7 can be found via this link.. They are subject to change due to pullouts etc so please check back. A reminder weigh ins are without the Gi, you can weigh in from 9.15am or anytime up until an hour out from your division. Any colour Gi is ok and you may wear a rashguard underneath. Smoothcomp adjusts brackets throughout the day so be aware and look for your division on screens provided or on your mobile device. Best of three is offered in two person brackets…

System automatically separates teammates if this hasn’t happened due to you using multiple names for the same team please contact us.

Venue: Ormiston Horizon Academy ST6 6JZ

Spectators £4 cash payable on the door. One coach free per team please apply via

Thanks for competing!

Big thanks to our sponsors Inverted Gear, CDB Sensei, Empire Pro Tape and Destroy INC.

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