Rules & Categories

Weight Categories, IBJJF No-Gi weights will be used for Roll Models 4 Gi and No-Gi

Weight Category Men Women
Rooster 55.499kg N/A
Light Feather 61.499kg 51.499kg
Feather 67.499kg 56.499kg
Light 73.499kg 61.499kg
Middle 79.499.3kg 66.499kg
Medium Heavy 85.499kg 71.499kg
Heavy 91.499kg No Maximum Weight
Super Heavy 97.499kg N/A
Super Super Heavy No Maximum Weight N/A
Absolute Open Weight Open Weight

IBJJF Rules with tweaks (any colour gi, rash guard permitted).

Weigh in’s without the gi (for Roll Models 4) at least one hour before division starts (times to be confirmed). If you are competing on both days you only need to weigh in once on the Saturday.

Full IBJJF rules can be viewed here