Roll Models invitational 5th February

5th February The Horizon Academy, Stoke-On-Trent, ST6 6JZ
Doors open 2:30pm, first match 3pm.
Team matchups

Lucio Sergio BJJ vs Combat Base- GI
CFS vs Tillery Combat- NO-GI

Current matchups (more to be announced)

Black belt/Brown belt matches
Marc Goddard vs Chris Regan No-GI sub only
Richard Shore vs Paul Rice No-GI sub only
Wayne Samways vs James Bland GI sub only
Alan Howcroft vs Roberto Barbiero GI sub only

Purple Belt matchups
Thommo Thompson vs JP Santos GI sub only
Shane Price vs Waldemar Glaz GI sub only
Chris Paines vs Leeroy Barnes No-GI sub only
Dan Carnell vs Paul Reed No-Gi sub only
Lewis Jenkinson vs Chau Cheung Gi sub only
Dan Hamilton vs Alex Vernon Gi sub only

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