Time Off

Don’t let your time off the mats, effect your time on the mats. Hi guys, just a quick intro about me, my name is Maks Szymanski and I’m currently a blue belt under Paul Severn at Checkmat in Worcestershire (like the sauce). I’ve been given the opportunity to write for Roll Models, as well as … [Read more…]

Most Influential Instructors

Most influential instructors As you may all be aware, I have been coaching for some time. I probably started helping out with classes, taking warm ups etc in my early days as a purple belt, and quickly grew from there. My main career at the time was in fitness and personal training, and had been … [Read more…]


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Jiu jitsu, man, It’s more than what it first appears to be. To the untrained eye that sees grown men lying on each other for minutes at a time in sexually suggestive positions wearing karate kid clobber, it looks like a homoerotic toe tickling borefest. But to anyone who’s spent at least a good couple … [Read more…]

Fight or Match?

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Is BJJ a fight, or a match? 

I imagine that as soon as you all see this, an answer will pop into your head. In my case, the answer IS simple too… but my discussion is more so aimed at WHY we sometimes need clarify this point. BJJ is a match. Physical chess. 2 people … [Read more…]

The BJJ referee

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As with any job or task, there are pros and cons. Some have more pros than others, some have more cons, and in my experience the role of BJJ referee can very easily fall into the latter. I have varied experience in terms of being on the other side of the BJJ competition process. I … [Read more…]

Passing the Sofa Guard

sofa guard

They say the hardest belt move you’ll ever make is leather to White; to convince yourself to give it a go, and dive straight into the unknown. The physical steps involved in stepping outside of the routine you’ve carved for yourself, always seem to be the most arduous. You’ve walked that path so many times, … [Read more…]

How to deal with your first tournament nerves

Dealing with tournament nerves and bad results is something EVERY single competitor has to deal with. Check out this video from the excellent Chewjitsu who explains experience can trump all. He also explains some practical steps that you can try to overcome anxiety in the video below that. Registration for our next tournament is open … [Read more…]

Roll Models 10

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Roll Models 10 Gi is scheduled for July 28th. Our tournament will again be open to White and Blue belt competitors featuring a modified Ibjjf ruleset and Super fights at higher belts. Registration open via this link. Single early entry just £24.50 Over 35’s Male division available. FREE absolutes available to all so you are … [Read more…]

Roll Models 9 results

Well done to Gracie Barra for picking up another Roll Models team trophy (25 points) with Team Sukata coming in second (18 points) and Roger Gracie academy alongside Horizon BJJ Stoke, in third (11 points). Congratulations also to Horizon BJJ Stoke who topped the best overall academy. Individual match results can be found via this … [Read more…]