leg lock submission

Photo J H Tan Now, some of you may feel enthused to think about this topic. Some may feel bored of the discussion. Some may feel they have no place in an individual’s training, or at least up until a certain point. My own experience has been varied within exposure to leglocks. My training began … [Read more…]

Favourite Technique

triangle choke

Photo credit J H Tan Favourite technique So, I am sure that 95% of you who are currently reading this, will easily have a technique pop into your head. There may be a few of you, who are still quite early on in your BJJ journey. There may be those who are genuinely yet to … [Read more…]

Roll Models 10 results

tournament results

Well done to Gracie Barra Nottingham for winning best academy and playing a part in an overall team win for Gracie Barra. CFS BJJ came in second for academies followed by Team Renegade, Fighting Fit Grappling, Horizon BJJ and the MMA academy all on 8 points. Roger Gracie Academy and SBG took joint second behind … [Read more…]

Roll Models 10 brackets released

Venue location: Ormiston Horizon Academy (not New Horizons leisure centre next door), Turnhurst Road, Chell ST66JZ Brackets available via this link. Subject to change please check back. Weigh-ins: All weigh-ins without the GI. Doors and Weigh-ins open from 9:15am please weigh-in at least 1 hour before your division. Smoothcomp dynamically changes times throughout the event … [Read more…]

Time Off

Don’t let your time off the mats, effect your time on the mats. Hi guys, just a quick intro about me, my name is Maks Szymanski and I’m currently a blue belt under Paul Severn at Checkmat in Worcestershire (like the sauce). I’ve been given the opportunity to write for Roll Models, as well as … [Read more…]

Most Influential Instructors

Most influential instructors As you may all be aware, I have been coaching for some time. I probably started helping out with classes, taking warm ups etc in my early days as a purple belt, and quickly grew from there. My main career at the time was in fitness and personal training, and had been … [Read more…]


picture of computer game

Jiu jitsu, man, It’s more than what it first appears to be. To the untrained eye that sees grown men lying on each other for minutes at a time in sexually suggestive positions wearing karate kid clobber, it looks like a homoerotic toe tickling borefest. But to anyone who’s spent at least a good couple … [Read more…]

Fight or Match?

article poster

Is BJJ a fight, or a match? 

I imagine that as soon as you all see this, an answer will pop into your head. In my case, the answer IS simple too… but my discussion is more so aimed at WHY we sometimes need clarify this point. BJJ is a match. Physical chess. 2 people … [Read more…]

The BJJ referee

pic of bjj ref

As with any job or task, there are pros and cons. Some have more pros than others, some have more cons, and in my experience the role of BJJ referee can very easily fall into the latter. I have varied experience in terms of being on the other side of the BJJ competition process. I … [Read more…]