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O’Flanagan takes belt

Eoghan O’Flanagan capped off an impressive tournament performance submitting all his opponents on the way to the final where he eventually tapped the talented Ross Nicholls via armbar.

Eoghan O'Flanagan picture submitting things winner roll models

Eoghan O’Flanagan

First round matches.

Jack Grant vs Thomas Grandjean

Professional mma fighter Jack Grant wasted little time in his opening match securing a tight guillotine on Thomas Grandjean. The asw man mounted with a high elbow guillotine before eventually getting the tap on the back of his opponent.

Jack Grant wins via Guillotine

George McManus vs Danny Tyler

In an all Gracie Barra affair both athletes spent some time on the feet before McManus secured a takedown. Tyler did well to secure a nice butterfly sweep but the position signalled the end for him when McManus was able to secure a nice rolling shoulder lock from the bottom.

George McManus wins via Kimura

Fabian Edwards vs Ross Nicholls

Pro mma fighter Edwards stepped in on short notice after securing a fantastic MMA win via submission on BAMMA Friday night. It was Nicholls however who took the initiative sitting to guard before eventually securing a nice butterfly sweep. After a period of top control the athletes separated only for Nicholls to fall back for a leg when they resumed securing an outside heel hook for the win.

Ross Nicholls wins via heel hook

Nick Forrer vs Dan Vinni

It was Forrer who started the stronger of the two athletes attempting a number of leg locks after securing an early takedown. Pro MMA veteran Vinni defended well however and started to change the tide of the match securing mount and later his own nasty looking inverted heel hook for the win.

Dan Vinni wins via heel hook

Josh Moorby vs Chris Fensom

AVT’S Josh Moorby started the better of the two athletes putting Fensom under pressure with back control and later a prolonged kimura attempt. Fensom began to warm into the match in the latter stages securing good positions, but it wasn’t enough to stop Moorby taking the unanimous decision win from the judges.

Josh Moorby wins via unan decision

Matty Holmes vs Jim Burman

Next Generations Matty Holmes put Jim Burman under huge pressure early on including a prolonged kimura attempt and even an attempt at recreating the pump handle armbar he hit on tanko submission championships. Burman did well to survive before eventually getting caught with an inverted heel hook.

Matty Holmes wins via heel hook

Adam Turner vs Chris Paines

It’s strange in a night of so many finishes that this match that went to decision may have been the best on the night. Probably best to just leave the description to the future video but it went something like toe hold, toe hold, heel hook, toe hold, heel hook, toe hold, toe hold between both guys before Paines was announced the winner in a close decision. Credit to both guys for putting it on the line, reports are people even complained of sore knees and ankles in the crowd….

Chris Paines wins via unan decision

Eoghan O’Flanagan vs Lee Whitehead

O’Flanagan attempted an early imanari roll attempt to get in on Whiteheads legs but came up just short. This didn’t stop him however as after entering back into butterfly guard he was able to elevate his man and eventually (after a restart) secure an outside heel hook.

Eoghan O’Fanagan wins via heel hook

Quarter Finals

Jack Grant vs George McManus

Jack Grant took the initiative in the first quarter final hitting a lovely double leg takedown early on. From there the ASW man threatened McManus with various Darce attempts and also a close looking mounted triangle. McManus showed great grit in defence but it wasn’t enough with Grant eventually securing a nice Darce submission win.

Jack Grant wins via darce

Ross Nicholls vs Dan Vinni

Nicholls elected to sit to guard and after a couple of attempts for the legs secured a nice looking omoplata attempt. Vinni picked the smaller man up (still in the omoplata) before parading him around the mat calling for some cheers from the crowd. Later on Nicholls would elevate his man well from butterfly guard before securing a smooth outside heel hook for the win.

Ross Nicholls wins via heel hook

Matty Holmes vs Josh Moorby

After a feeling out process on the feet Moorby would attempt an uchi mata throw (which would actually result in him finishing on his own back after a nice counter by Holmes). From there Holmes would jump back for the heel securing an outside heel hook that Moorby was unable to roll out of.

Matty Holmes wins via heel hook

Eoghan O’Flanagan vs Chris Paines

O’Flanagan took the initiative sitting to guard and attempting a Marcelo Garcia style dummy sweep before coming back round for an anaconda style sweep to end up in outside heel hook position. From there he patiently dug for the heel before getting the tap.

Eoghan O’Flanagan wins via heel hook

Semi Finals.

Jack Grant vs Ross Nicholls

This match showed some beautiful transitions from both men. Nicholls elected to sit to guard and after abandoning an attempted leg lock the Welshman secured a nice sweep to gain top position. From there Nicholls implemented his strong passing game taking Grants back and threatening with the rear naked choke. Grant showed great technique in escaping to a number of scrambles but Nicholls always stayed that one step ahead. As the match ended Nicholls hand was raised in a deserved decision with his opponent Grant agreeing.

Ross Nicholls wins via unan decision

Eoghan O’Flanagan vs Matty Holmes

O’Flanagan feinted an attack on the legs from the feet before securing a close looking armbar attempt early on. Holmes did well to defend the attempt and for the rest of the match tried in vain to get a number of leg attacks to stick on his opponent. Just when it looked like this match might be destined for a decision O’Flanagan secured a triangle seemingly out of nowhere. All Holmes could do was tap and exclaim “very nice” afterwards.

Eogan O’Flanagan wins via triangle


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