Roll Models 15 Brackets

Please find the link to Roll Models 15 (March 13th) brackets here.
Doors and weigh-ins open from 9am, you weigh in once (without the Gi) for all divisions.
Brackets are subject to change due to pullouts, team clashes etc please contact us with any issues. Make sure you weigh-in at least an hour before your scheduled bracket takes place, we may run ahead of schedule. If you get called and you haven’t weighed in you will be dq’d so make sure you arrive in plenty of time. You can view updates on schedules and times yourself via smoothcomp on the day, or on the screen in the weigh-in area.

2 person divisions will be offered best of 3 by matside, up to participants if they accept or not.

Any colour Gi is fine just no full ripstop jackets (ripstop trousers are ok).

Spectators: £5 buy on the day

Coach passes: 1 free coach pass per team, a list of teams will be ticked off behind reception.

Food available to purchase in the venue, ample toilet and changing facilities and separate warm-up area.

Ormiston Horizon Academy

Please do not travel or attempt to compete if you are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus.

Absolutes sign up at end of the day.

Empire Pro Tape