Roll Models 11 brackets released

Venue location: Ormiston Horizon Academy (not New Horizons leisure centre next door), Turnhurst Road, Chell ST66JZ

Brackets available via this link. Subject to change please check back.

Weigh-ins: All weigh-ins without the GI. Doors and Weigh-ins open from 9:15am please weigh-in at least 1 hour before your division. Smoothcomp dynamically changes times throughout the event so leave plenty of time, we may run early. You can check how the event is running on the screens around the venue or login on your phone. Weigh-ins will be closed at 2:30pm. All divisions must weigh in (including ultra heavy).

£4 entry for spectators, 1 coach pass free per team (please apply through email or facebook).

Food/Drink/Event merchandise for sale in the venue, card payments accepted. Free parking, full shower and changing facilities.

Please wear flip flops or shoes when off the mats as much as possible for hygiene.

0 Tolerance for abuse of officials or competitors this includes dumb stuff like “snap it” let’s all have a great day and go home safe.

2 Person divisions will be offered best of 3, you both need to agree for this to go ahead. 3 person divisions are round robin. All other adult divisions single-elimination (with fights for bronze).

Kids divisions are all round robin or best of three.

Absolutes are open to all unless numbers get to large and then will be prioritised for medalists. In 10 events so far the absolutes have always been open to all so a great opportunity for more matches and value. Sign up is on the day in person at reception.

No full rip stop gi jackets (trousers are ok). Knee pads, ear guards etc at discretion of referee just make sure no hard edges etc that could harm opponent. Rashguards under gi are fine, any colour gi is acceptable.

Thanks for competing all, have a great day!

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