Time Off

Don’t let your time off the mats, effect your time on the mats. Hi guys, just a quick intro about me, my name is Maks Szymanski and I’m currently a blue belt under Paul Severn at Checkmat in Worcestershire (like the sauce). I’ve been given the opportunity to write for Roll Models, as well as … [Read more…]

Breese vs Price super match confirmed for Roll Models 10

So here it is, our headline super match. Black belts Tom Breese and Shane Price meet in a ten minute no-gi matchup with all subs allowed. Breese needs no introductions as one of the countries top combat sport athletes sporting an mma record of 11-1 with multiple wins at UFC level. Breese was able to … [Read more…]

Most Influential Instructors

Most influential instructors As you may all be aware, I have been coaching for some time. I probably started helping out with classes, taking warm ups etc in my early days as a purple belt, and quickly grew from there. My main career at the time was in fitness and personal training, and had been … [Read more…]

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Jiu jitsu, man, It’s more than what it first appears to be. To the untrained eye that sees grown men lying on each other for minutes at a time in sexually suggestive positions wearing karate kid clobber, it looks like a homoerotic toe tickling borefest. But to anyone who’s spent at least a good couple … [Read more…]

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Fight or Match?

Is BJJ a fight, or a match? 

I imagine that as soon as you all see this, an answer will pop into your head. In my case, the answer IS simple too… but my discussion is more so aimed at WHY we sometimes need clarify this point. BJJ is a match. Physical chess. 2 people … [Read more…]